Clear glass is one of the most popular and widely used types of glass, and among its most prominent features are the following: This type is distinguished by its affordable price for everyone. Pure and allows vision through it, and transmits 80% of natural daylight, which reduces energy consumption. It is considered one of the most popular types of glass for .windows and doors Clear glass is available in three types: Single layer single glass. Double glass consisting of two layers, separated by an insulating layer of air, and is considered one of the most popular types of double glass, and is used in the manufacture of windows and external doors for the purpose of isolating dust, sound and heat. Three layers of glass, and two layers of air are insulated between them, It is considered the most expensive.

We come to the second most famous type of precious glass used in decoration, which is frosted glass, which is distinguished by its ability to transmit light without being able to see through it, as we see in the above picture one of the types of frosted glass. It is usually used in places that require privacy, such as using it in bathroom decor, or some types of glass walls used in partitioned offices.

Successively, in the list of names of the types of glass used in home decor, we mention colored glass, as colors are added according to demand, so that the glass panel acquires a color different from transparent. Types of colored glass give an aesthetic touch to the place, and it is usually used in the interior partitions, and it is also frequently used in the glass facades of buildings, as it reduces the direct effect of sunlight

The surface of this type of glass is treated with a thin metallic layer to make it look like a mirror, as it reflects the sun's rays and obscures the vision from the outside to the inside. The facades of villas and residential buildings, and it is also used in the manufacture of external doors.

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