Gypsum board

It is manufactured from a variety of gypsum boards, and it consists of a non-combustible material in addition to gypsum. Gypsum board covers one or more layers of chemically treated cardboard, and fiberglass and silicone can be used in it. It is worth noting that gypsum board is used in the manufacture of suspended gypsum ceilings. In addition to being a decoration for decorating the ceilings and walls of bedrooms and kitchens, and an alternative to false ceilings. However, it is predominantly gypsum, which is why it is called gypsum board, although there are some other materials used in its manufacture. Therefore, fiberglass, cardboard and silicone materials can be added to the gypsum board, and the prices of the panels vary according to the type of materials used. In this regard, rooms can be divided through complete walls made of gypsum board. Types of gypsum board: Gypsum board modern Gypsum board is resistant to moisture Ordinary Gypsum board Gypsum board is resistant to fires Gypsum board adhesive Gypsum board without paper Moisture-enhanced gypsum board Gypsum board soundproofing Flexible gypsum board to make curved shapes Gypsum board for spaces

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