Hardwood is characterized as the most durable and strong, and is extracted from trees with broad leaves and angiosperms that reproduce with flowers. Hardwoods also appear in other types of trees, including

It is one of the best and most valuable types of wood in decoration due to its high hardness and great strength, in addition to that it is not affected by heat and humidity, and it is characterized by the ability to smooth and polish it, and it is worth noting that it is used in decoration works and the manufacture of natural wood furniture.

It is very similar to teak wood in terms of color, except that it ranges between light yellow and red colors, and is characterized by its ability to absorb moisture, and it can also be used in the manufacture of windows and also types of wooden doors for all kinds of rooms

although its cost is high, it is unique in its reddish color, relatively long life span, and is free of knots and not affected by water. Its uses vary as it is considered one of the best types of natural wood for tables and is also used in the manufacture of wooden chairs.

This type is considered one of the most common types of wood used in furniture in all its forms. It is characterized by its red and white colors, its high hardness, and its similarity to beech wood. However, one of its main disadvantages is that it is expensive and contains pores.

It is a wood with a dark red color that is very similar to beech wood, except that its veins are white. It is widely used in the manufacture of natural wood parquet floors and luxurious high-cost furniture.

This type is considered one of the best types of wood for bedrooms and the manufacture of beds, as it is characterized by a bright red color, and it is known that it does not contain knots, and its cost is lower compared to other types of natural decorative wood

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