A type of white marble that has gray veins and is specially used for luxurious bathrooms and as decoration in reception halls. In addition, it is used to decorate floors, and it is not recommended to use it in kitchens because it absorbs acids that damage its color.

This type of marble is characterized by the fact that it has several light and dark colors of an attractive brown color that includes veins in a wonderful honey color. It is also distinguished by its high quality, reasonable price, and the absence of any pores, as it resists water, moisture, and external factors.

If you are looking for originality and sophistication mixed with art and beauty, we have Turkish Marmaris marble, which is characterized by its black color mixed with stunning silver minerals, and is characterized by its smooth, pure texture of impurities, high quality and durability.

It is a distinctive white marble with amazing golden lines and veins that make its appearance striking and attractive. It is used in luxurious bathrooms for floors, walls and basins. It is available in many other colors such as sugar, honey and yellow.

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